Linux SDR – Intro

Recently I’ve gotten interested in software defined radio (SDR) and and decided to purchase one of the Elektor Software Defined Radios (SDRs)  While there are other SDRs available out there (e.g., the SoftRock), I chose the Elektor receiver since it covers from 150 kHz to 30 MHz and is relatively inexpensive (~$156 shipped to the United States).

While the radio is being shipped, I’m giving some thought to what I really want to get out of this experience.  Sure, I could hook up an antenna, load up the latest available Windows software, and be on my way.  However, at that point I won’t have anything that I can’t get from the Yaesu receiver sitting on my shelf.  So, I’ve decided to turn this into an ongoing experiment.

Before beginning, the equipment to be used needs to be identified.  There’s a lot of SDR software and information available for Windows but not so much for Linux.  So that’s the first decision; all this work is to be done on the Linux platform.  Second, I’m interested in making the system as portable as possible.  Therefore, while initial development and testing will be done on a larger system, the final product will be targeted to run on an EEE PC 701 (It’s a nice little computer and I happen to have one laying around unused).  However to get access to the standard packages, the Eeebuntu distribution will be used rather than the one that comes with the EEE PC.

So that’s the starting configuration; an EEE PC 701 running Eeebuntu and an Elektor SDR.

EEE PC with Elektor SDR

EEE PC with Elektor SDR


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