Linux SDR Rewind

I haven’t done a lot of work on Linux SDR lately for a variety of reasons.  There’s work and family responsibilities but also, I’ve been distracted by some other projects (oh, shiny object).  All of them are related so it’s time to start paying more attention to this subject.  But first, I’ll need to bring some things up to date.

First, the development environment.  My original intention was to base the final system on an EEEPC running Eeebuntu.  However, shortly after the last post it became obvious that there just isn’t enough memory on one of these systems.  Therefore, I’ve switched over to using a Dell C400 running Linux Mint 9 as the development system.  The C400 is an older laptop, smaller than current laptops  but not as small as a netbook.  Linux Mint is a great distribution.  The nice thing about it is both Mint and Eeebuntu are based upon Ubuntu so hopefully the final result can still be installed on the EEEPC I started out with.

Second, the hardware, and that’s where most of the diversions have been coming from.  I still have the Elektor SDR but wasn’t happy with the sound card.  While the one I have is a good one, I’ve had more problems than I care to mention with interference from PCs to nearby radios.  Most of the trouble has been with interference being radiated from the monitor or conducted through connecting cables.  Therefore, I decided to investigate what it would take to control a radio via Bluetooth.  This would allow me to move the radio away form the PC and eliminate the connecting wires.  Not an easy problem but I think I’ve found a solution.  Part of that solution involves a anew radio based upon the Zeta SDR design that I’ll be discussing later.

So that’s where it stands now.  A Dell C400 running Linux Mint 9 connected to a homebrew radio via Bluetooth.  And so the fun begins again….


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