Goodbye to Millie

20160212 – Tonight a piece of me died.

Since I started writing around 2007 I’ve done a number of different things. In addition to this blog I’ve written song lyrics, poetry, essays, anything that strikes my fancy or I feel compelled to at the moment. This is the first time I’ve written a eulogy.

Early in 2015 my family lost our dog Max to congestive heard failure. That dog was a pecker-head. He frequently pissed in the house and constantly barked. In his seven years he had two back operations and it was only after the second attack of congestive heart failure within two weeks that we finally made the decision to put him down. Despite the problems he had and the problems he instigated, he was deeply loved and when gone, he left a deep hole in my heart.

I had thought I would never agree to get another dog but around August 2015 my wife and kids asked and for some reason I missed having one here as well so I agreed. The result was Millie.

Millie was a rescue from Texas, a short hair black and tan miniature dachshund. She was a dainty little thing. At first she was shy and quiet but became more outgoing as she got used to us. She loved to burrow in blankets and would frequently get under them with only the tip of her snout poking out. When we got our first significant snowfall she didn’t know what to do. I suspect she had never seen snow before and I even broke down and bought her boots. She loved to run and that’s what finally did her in.

While I was walking her tonight she slipped her collar, ran into the street, and got hit by a car. She didn’t even have time to yelp, she was dead as soon as the wheel rolled over her.

I don’t blame anyone for what happened. I don’t blame myself. How was I to predict she would slip the collar? I don’t blame the driver of the car that ran over her. She ran out there without a second (or even first) thought and he probably didn’t even realize what happened. I don’t blame Millie. She was just doing what she loved to do.

I do have people to thank though. It’s only through the grace of these people that there wasn’t another body there because while I was crouched in the middle of a busy street holding Millie’s body and screaming, they protected me. They stopped traffic, got me safe, and comforted me until I was coherent enough to realize what needed to be done. I don’t know who they were and wouldn’t be able to pick them out of a line-up but I do know I am in their debt. They earned themselves some seriously good karma tonight.

Millie, in the short time you were with us you filled the hole in my heart. You were part of the family and loved by all of us. So since all dogs go to heaven, maybe it’s not goodbye but au revoir, ’til I see you again.

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